Outdoor Kitchens • Concrete Furniture • Water Features • Decorative Retaining Walls

Outdoor Kitchens

Bringing the kitchen outside is almost a staple in the American home today. Why not make that kitchen tailored to your backyard and your style? Concrete Outdoor Living specializes in custom concrete outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re looking at a simple design to accommodate a small group of family and friends, or you’re a grilling guru that enjoys entertaining the masses; we can help you design the best kitchen for space.

After designing a plan to fit your needs, we use custom molds to first construct the base. Then we create the countertops using our GFRC system. This system uses glass-fibers for the reinforcement, allowing for thinner pieces of concrete, while still maintaining high strength. Along with a palette of custom colors and quality appliances, we can turn your dream of an outdoor kitchen into reality.

Our outdoor kitchens are all constructed in our shop, which provides an easier and cleaner installation into your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Having a relaxing living space is not only for indoors. Expand your living area outdoors with Concrete Outdoor Living. Our custom-built concrete furniture will keep you comfortable and will stand up to the Midwest’s extreme weather. Made locally in our shop, our concrete furniture is unlike any other in the region. Our team of professional craftsman produce quality furniture to fit your needs.

We can help you create a backyard space with privacy for relaxing, or an area perfect for entertaining friends and family. In addition to furniture, our team can assist you with fire features, tables, planters and more to complete your outdoor living area.

Check out some of our concrete furniture in the gallery, and use the form for a free quote to get your project started.

Water Features

A backyard waterfall becomes the focal point of your landscape, adding the tranquility of nature to your backyard. Concrete Outdoor Living has beautiful, custom water feature solutions for your home.

These can be designed and personalized to fit any project. With this system, a waterfall can be designed to your exact specifications.

No two are created alike, giving you a one-of-a-kind water feature. The concrete panel system we use also allows us to add waterfalls to pools without straining the foundation. We also have the ability to build your feature on-site.

Check out some of our recent water features and use the form for a free quote to get your project started.

Decorative Retaining Walls

Concrete Outdoor Living’s technique for building retaining walls has been carefully developed over years of experience with concrete. It is unlike any other method available. 

Our concrete retaining walls are structural and provide a stronghold solution. These walls are a great alternative to stone, brick and wood retaining walls. 

Every wall is hand carved and textured, so no two are alike, while at the same time giving you a beautiful finish to your landscaping.

Check out some of our recent retaining wall installs and use the form for a free quote to get your project started.

3D Design

Concrete Outdoor Living uses a 3D design software that gives you the ability to view your custom backyard project before it’s even started. Our software brings your project to life with scale drawings, giving you the visual aid needed for you to see all the features you want, plus more!

We can even create a walk through video so you can see what your plan will look like from all angles and different times of the day. 

Check out our gallery of drawings and contact us today for information about our 3D designs and pricing.